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After my girlfriend and I broke up⋯

Having one night hookup is thrilling, especially with strangers. You don’t know a thing about each other, including his/her boundaries or preferences. All is about exploration and adventures. Two totally different people collapse in one bed with all the sparkles and chemical reactions. This is what I have been dreaming of. But I never had the chance to realize that fetish until this weekend. I was in a relationship for two years and last week, my girlfriend broke up with me for another guy. She cheated on me for a long time and it was not until recent I found it out. We broke up last week, which means I am available from then on. I can do whatever I want and even realize my fantasy of having one night dating apps for free with a stranger.

That weekend, my friends and I went to a bar to “celebrate” my liberation. It was me who brought up the proposal, because I am going to find a girl for the night. I didn’t plan on being self-pity or bury myself into deep sorrow. It is not worth it. I am going to have fun and amend for my lost two years.

After ordered a few drinks, my friend and I started to searching for girls. I saw several girls sitting across the hall, but too many people there, which makes it harder to hit on someone, because you have to deal with the others. Being out in the field for two years really makes me a rookie on flirting and other things like that. I felt very nervous when I saw a girl sitting there alone. I think she might be just out of a relationship too, otherwise how come a girl would be drinking alone. I decided to come up to her. I even planned my opening in my mind on the way to her.

I introduced myself and ordered her one more drink. She was very delighted to talk to me. We talked for like 12 minutes. Just when I thought I might have a shot on her, a guy came. They kissed each other o the lips and she naturally introduced him as his boyfriend to me. He and I even shake hands. I totally misunderstood. When I was about to leave, the girl asked “how would you like to come upstairs with us so that we can have more privacy.” I got confused. I didn’t know what they meant. How stupid I was! I replied “can you be more specific?” “Oh, man, how do you feel about having a threesome with us?” The man said. I shocked for a few seconds. This wasn’t I planned. Thinking about being naked with another guy in bed, I don’t think I can handle it. Maybe I can with enough mental preparation, but not now. I refused them politely and went back to my friends.

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