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The Dos and Don'ts for dating a cougar

Recently, the popularity of cougar dating has been increasing hugely since the broadcast of Cougar Town. Courteney Cox has set older women a very good example of enjoying life by dating younger man. It has also revealed the charm of older women towards younger men. "The number of our members has increased by nearly 50%", said Justin, the CEO of a welcomed cougar dating app named CougarD. Not only ordinary public, but also celebrities have tendency for older women to date younger men or the other way around. Why is these days cougar dating becoming so popular? It's like a trend. Of course, cougars are mature, sexy and sophisticated. Younger men are vigorous, strong and simple. There's no reason why a vigorous young man shouldn't be attracted by mature and sophisticated older women. Even some of them prefer to date the older women compared to younger ones. Karenlee, the host of KarenLee Poter Show on Youtube, as a cougar herself, offered tips for younger men to date older women.

1. No reproductive organs pictures
Karen received many such photos even videos when hookup dating younger men, which is considered to be the worst thing in a relationship. Some of them may be so proud of this part. But for mature women, they just think it's so childish, ridiculous and disgusting. It may ruin your relationship with a cougar.

2. Always be respectful
Do not use your language which is used to talk to a 18 or 25 years old to a cougar, because it won't work. Trying to show the respect and care towards them. It'll enable you to look more gentle and charming.

3. Do not bragging how good you are in bed
"That is just hilarious", the guest Nancy said. Cougars is older and more experienced than you definitely. Telling them how good you are is just short-insighted and low for them.

4. Have an intelligent and fun conversation
Having a serious and fun conversation will be a hundred times better than just indicating you could offer a perfect night. Look directly into her eyes and listen to her with all your heart and mind. Express your personal opinions timely will help you win her appreciation better than you could imagine.

5. Older women have a lot more to offer
They have wisdom and they are past the drama and confident. Cougars are usually accomplished women and most of them are still accomplishing. They have something that they are offering the world that's an energy that is so sexy and so contagious. If younger men want to learn about what life can be like, they should hang around with cougars a little bit more.

6. What can you give to others
Dating a cougar, you should raise your awareness from what you are not getting to what you can give to other people. If you are always complaining and depressed about what you are losing, they'll get an impression of how you are self-absorbed and narrow-minded.

Younger men can learn and get so many wisdom and experience from dating cougars. Bear the above-mentioned suggestions in mind and you could get your cougar of yourself.

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