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Translr is the most popular trans dating app

Translr is a simple, easy-to-use service that helps the trans community all over the world. Moreover, the best transgender hookup dating app Translr who administrated it and to have created this nice place for trans singles and their admirers. This app respects all its members and the choices they make, so they see to it that everyone is protected and secure the moment they sign up at the platform.

If you believe in Translr , you can consider Translr to be a app that works exactly just that. Probably the only difference here is that this time ground, Translr will be working with trans singles.

Ease of Use

Translr offers some options that dose nor only help you find the ideal partner for you, but also will keep you engaged. This trans dating app knows how hard it can be to look for your special someone. That is the reason it created advance search tools to find your perfect partner. Their main features include message style app chat, mutual matches and reverse, and different picture uploads to enable their members connect and get to know with other.


$14.99 good for 1 month gold membership
$29.99 good for 3 months gold membership
$49.99 good for 6 months gold membership

Features of Translr

  • Free Membership

1.Create your own profile and upload as much as 10 pictures into it.
2.Send reply to people who show interest in you when they send you an email or message.
3.Use the search engine to look for potential matches based on some pieces of personal information.

  • Paid Membership

1.Make the most out of the modernized search engine which allows you to narrow down your choices further aside from using the usual location, age range, and gender factors.
2.Send private messages and emails to people you are interested to get to know more.
3.Hide the views of your profile in case you are embarrassed to let others see your searches.
4.See new members and get extra matches each day.
5.See members who logged in recently or the people who are still online and have higher chances of sending a response.
6.See members who visited your profile.
7.Discover member-exclusive dating tricks and tips to increase your chances of success in the transgender dating scene.


There might be a lot of online free dating apps out there that are competing for your dollars, but it is safe to say that none of there could even come close to matching the ease of use and effective matchmaking capability of Translr . The app takes the right measurements for ensuring that the profile of every member is safe together with their financial information. In addition, anyone who is found trying to scam the members of Translr will be held liable for any damages to the app after a suitable legal investigating is carried out.

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