What is “Fatkini” fashion and what does it represent

I believe all the girls and ladies like summer very much. Because they have chances to wear sexy skirts and show their good figures. And also, they can wear sexy bikini, which is a kind of fashion on the beaches among countries, and it seems that will never be out of style. But have you ever heard a word”Fatkini”? If some of you once searched this word on the Internet, you may know that-it is the combination of word”fat”and “bikini”. Actually, it is a kind of swimsuit for plus size women.

Where is the “Fatkini”derives from? Long long ago, many clothes manufacturers are not willing to make oversize clothes for those chubby women and BBW, maybe they think they can not get much profits from that. But one day, an American blogger changed this situation. She posted a blog and referred the word”Fatkini” in her blog. And after that, plus-size swimsuits are becoming more and more popular. So, from this perspective, we may think that the meaning of “Fatkini” is positive, because those plus size girls could wear their sexy swimsuits and make themselves look good. But on the other hand, it still has its negative aspects. For example, if a girl who is not slim and not very fat, when she wears”Fatkini”, it sounds a little bit offensive her. And also, some people may not pay attention to their lifestyles, because they need not keep their figures and they can still wear sexy swimsuits, that’s a bad thought i think. And i remember someone once said”people who don’t have a bikini body should not wear a bikini.” What’s more, do you know what does the word”Fatkini”represent? It not only means a kind of swimsuit, but also has deeper meaning for our society. For instance, “Fatkini” means people have their own freedom to choose what kind of colthes they want to wear. We can say”Fatkini” make those fat girls and ladies feel more confident. I believe you know that in our daily life, some fat hookup women always feel shamed and not dare to wear normal sexy swimsuits because of their fat figures. But now, there are swimsuits which suitable for them, so, they want to put them on and show themselves. That’s a good beginning for them i think.

To summary, i have mentioned what is”Fatkini”fashion and some meanings of it. In my personal view,”Fatkini” is great for those BBW, it make them could wear suitable clothes and they will feel more comfortable, i believe they will be more confident in their future life as well.

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