Tips and advice on how to choose a wig for trans women and crossdresser

Hairstyle is very important for all of us, especially for transgender women and crossdressers.  Be aware that hair is also an important factor in your ts dating. How to choose a wig or hairstyle for transgender women and crossdresser? This question is not always easy to answer, because most of us don’t have a lot of experience with wigs.

When you go to a wig shop, you must try on a lot of wigs. Don’t let them sell you the first one, try several different types of hairstyles. If you still don’t know how to choose a wig, you can ask your female friends for advice, because they know women better than you. You can also visit the fashion website, or follow fashion idols for inspiration. Get an idea of how different each one of those wigs make your face look. Choose the one that really work for your face, it’s an important part of your appearance. According to your personal preference and feature, there are some wigs for you to choose from.

1. Evette wig

Evette wig is pure stretch cap wig for larger male heads, it is a mid-length silky straight style. It has turned out ends for a contemporary look, the natural bangs also help to frame the face and soften the male brow.

2. Pammy wig

Pammy wig has the appearance of real hair growing from the scalp when viewed above. You get a foot and a half of long layered tresses for a glamorous look. This is a superb feminizing hairpiece with the addition of soft bangs, just hitting the eyebrows and a flawless front haireline.

3. Becky wig

Becky wig is another stretch cap wig that can be worn comfortably all day long by trans girl and crossdressers. It is a medium length volume top cut with layered sides to soft bangs, and tousled curls help to transform even those with the harshest of masculine features like a long nose or prominent jawline.

4. Fashion note wig

Fashion note wig is a really great value wig with long layers front side-swept bang and a parted skin top for a natural look. It has a multi-layered flip-out style and bangs falling against the browse for a feminizing face framing effect.

5. Long ginger wig

For girls that like really long hair then you can do no better than the long ginger wig, which has very long tresses and razor cut ends along with a straight bag. This piece is long enough to clip or even braid.

6. Foxy wig

For ladies that love shorter hairstyles then the foxy wig is a stylish and very affordable option. A short bob style with lush sleek synthetic hair and formal bangs, it out of the packaging ready-to-wear.
Wearing a wig is something that crossdressers especially male to female crossdressers and transgender hookup people must have to do. Different people need different wigs and hair styles, those wig tips can provide transgender people and crossdressers different options on hairstyles. I hope those tips and advice can really help you a lot.

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