Things to Ask and Prevent When Talking to a Transgender People

Transgender people are a special and unique group of people which should be treated with extra attention. Many people respect them but some of them do not know how to communicate with them properly without hurting feelings and showing disrespect especially when it comes to transgender dating. Today, we are talking about things you should ask and things to prevent when talking to a transgender people.

First, do not refer to transgender people as “transgenders” or “trannies”. These are the mostly misused words on them. They are offensive and disrespect. Even if you mean well, the words would say the opposite.

Second, ask about her social circle and family life. These topics are non-gender related, which are also welcomed by all. Ask her where she usually hang out? What does she usually do in her spare time? How is her family life? For most transgenders, there is always a time when she came out to her family. Everyone wants a loving family relationship, especially for transgenders and crossdresser. They may be abandoned by friends, but it will be much harder if their family abandoned them also. You cannot bring up the topic initially, but by asking her about family life, she may bring it up to you. In this way, you can offer her some advice on how to maintain a loving and caring family relationship. This topic is non-gender-related also.

Do not ask her preference in bed. Transgender hookup people are often seen as a fetish or sex toy by many people. Therefore, they can be very sensitive about this topic. As soon as you bring up any topic related, you may get blacklisted. Being considered as sex fetish is the last thing they want.

Do not ask about her female or male parts. This is very rude and disrespect question. It shows that you are not educated and not a well-qualified person. This question should never be asked to anyone, even to a regular person. It just exposes your poor education. People would look down upon you and do not want to have anything to do with you.

Ask their hobbies and interest. If you are interested in her, you should want to know what is her interest and hobbies. It would show her that you are really interested in her, but not just curious. Talking about hobbies and interest would make her very happy. It can bring you closer to each other.

Do not ask about her old name or old history. The past is rather sad for transgender people. They don’t want to think about it, neither do they want to talk about it. No matter it is their name, or childhood or other things related. It would remind them of their depressing past. It is completely inappropriate unless they bring it up first.

Talk about future. No matter they are exciting about their future or depressed. Future is always a safe topic in every circumstance. What are they going to do with their life? What is their plan for their future? What is their goal?

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