Prevent making these mistakes when you are online hunting

Dating and hookup apps are becoming increasingly welcomed these days. As you can see from the date, there are over 85% of people in America are looking for their date or hookup partner online. However, there are a lot of people having trouble on the success rate. What they do not know is that there are tricks when hunting online. Here are common mistakes they often make when they go online. You might want to prevent yourself from making these mistakes.

No funny photo. Even if you are not that funny in person, you need to pretend to be when you are on dating apps, because there are so many other options and it can be a little hard to stand out from them. Funny photos can raise questions and they can be a good start for a conversation, because they give other people the opportunity to ask. For example, uploading a photo of you playing with your dog might trigger a question like “what is the name of your dog?” It is a really smart move.

Photos with your friends. It is highly suggested that you should upload a photo of you and your friends, especially when your friends is cuter than you. Some people might think otherwise. They think such kind of photo shows that you have friends and that you are easy to get along with. Actually, no one would think you don’t have friends and no one would think you are hard to deal with just because your photos don’t have other people but you. Sometimes, people would think you are trying too hard on proving yourself and it would serve the opposite effect. Besides, people can easily make comparison when there is object to be compared to. You are already competing with so many other people online, why bother?

The same case works on people who like to upload group photos. You might think these photos show you are very good at social, but in fact, people can get really tired of looking for you in the crowd. People have really short attention when there are so many other options out there. Therefore, they won’t even try to spot you. It is much easier to just swipe left.

Too many pictures of people of the opposite gender. You might want to demonstrate that you are quite a catch and that you are very welcomed, but if you are looking for serious relationship, you might want to skip these photos.

Boring opening lines. With rich experience on BBW dating online, people can be very susceptive of cheap opening lines. Just forget about the greasy and smug lines that you think will make yourself look smart. Just start with a simple question triggered by their profile. Just like the first tip I just gave you. Find some topic in their photos and start with a simple question. That would be a lot better than any smart pick-up lines.

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