How to Get over Youe Ex Quickly

After a breakup, you may feel lonely and sad which is common to everyone. But it is hard for us to deal with these feelings. Some people especially for some BBW girls, they can be very hard to forget their exs because they say they can’t imagine the day without their exs. In this hard time, some people even want to die because they don’t what they can do without their lovers. But I have say, we lived for many years without our exs and we can also go on living without them. This can cruel but it is also very real. Here are foud tips for us to help us get over exs faster. 

The first tip is to find someone who can listen to you carefully. You can find your best friend. You can tell him/her  your love story fromthe start to the end. Then, you will realize that you love story is just like any other one’s . Love can be started at a happy ,exciting story and ended at a nervous and terrible endind. Everyone will have the same feeling no matter what status he/she has or how much money they have. Some people tell me they don’t want to say they are so sad to their best friends because they don’t want to make them worried. It is OK. You can find strangerd from curvy dating app or online games.  You can tell the people in hookup apps that you are so sad and you hate you exs so much. You don’t have to worry what your partners will say as you may never met them in real life. Just expressing your feelings and ending the chat. Then, you will find you are more released. 

 The seond tip is that you can mourn for a day. It is totally cool to let your ex go. You can stay in bed and eat some junk food . You can do anything you want in this day. This day can be a free day. Staring the presents your ex gave you and cried for a while. When you have no strength to cry, you may feel why you did thisn stupid thing. And play games you like ,in this time, no one will complain about your  playing games. From this day, you can get lieberation. And after this day, move on. 

The third tip is that you can lat your friends know that you are free because of breakup. Trust me, after hearing this news, your friend will ask you to go out and have fun. Sometime, forgeting people is not hard as you find something else youa re really interested in.  Don’t reject to go to KTV or a bar, you are not ready for a hookup ,but you are ready to join your friends and get some fun. Then, you may find you are more popular than being a lover. You are more likely to have a good mood. 

Just hope all heart-broken people will get through this hard time quickly and find better self from this sad breakup and also, life can be better.

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