Dating a Transgender Person key points

Educate Yourself

You must understand that this is really important. You must educate yourself when you are on a date with a trans person. Don’t start an exam with them asking your own questions. Trans people are not there to educate you on any topic like this. Specially try to ignore their sexuality as a topic to start proceedings. They don’t like it when someone is just annoying with a topic like that.

Get your knowledge from external sources. Is you are really interested in knowing about trans people and their Sexuality. Go and google your questions or read books about it. Don’t ruin your hookup date.

Listen, if you think you can ask trans person this kinda question and that too on a date you are not gonna get any more chances with that guy or girl. Crossing boundaries can quickly turn the person off.That is one of the stupid things to do on a date. Is you do that chances are that they are going to do after this is to simply ignore you.

comforts of your trans partner:

This goes with everyone trans non trans, you have to make your surrounding as comfortable as it can be. It’s date , you know date. Right! It has to be fun and love all around kind of a situation. Make them comfortable by using the correct pronouns they would like to listen. Do not assume anything by yourself. And always remember don’t rush into things just listen to them and go with your instincts.
You should take care of everything your transgender partner is comfortable with or not. Do not ignore these simple things. Trans people are sensitive on these matters. Only then you can think of moving forward with them. It is about doing the things for each other not just for your selfish reasons. So do pay attention to the comfort of your partner when they are around.
Take Your Time

Do not rush. Take you time. Why going so fast. When it comes to trans dating. Let it be natural. Just go with the flow. That’s not the right way especially with your new trans date. Stop rushing. Know them first, let them know you. Talk about each other’s interests. When you both are feeling really good with each other only then take a step further.

Remember That Your Date is More Than Just a Trans Person

And never assume things from your own mind like thinking very positively for your future from their side also. Take time and slowly rush into taking your decisions like that. They are also human being. They are dating you that doesn’t guarantee any kind of commitment from their side.
 Stop judging them for being a trans. First of all if you are dating them that means you are willing to accept them as who they are. And that’s right way to be with someone. Accept them with all your heart. Love them care for them treat them as you want yourself to get treated. Respect them with all your heart.

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