CougarD is the top app for older women and younger men

CougarD is an app specially designed for older women and younger men who have the same interest in cougar dating and for them to meet each other. Cougar dating, which is considered as a taboo back in decades, now are emerging as a trend. On the one hand, increasing young men are craving for cougars for their confidence, maturity, sophistication and so on. On the other hand, cougars are attracted by the energy and good shape of young men. CougarD, acting as a bridge between them, is welcomed by more and more.

What is CougarD?
CougarD is an app designed for people who are interested in cougar dating. No matter you are a cougar over 60s, or a cub in your 20s, so long as you open to cougar dating, you could definitely find your right one here. CougarD is praised for its’ simple & clear interface, great users’ experience, multiple choices, safe environment and so on. It covered the gap between cougars and cubs by gathering them together with an app and got countless of favorable reception in just a few days after its’ release. With this app, the two parties could find each other without going outside and hunting everywhere. Besides, it filtered those who are not fond of cougar hookup dating, which prevented many rejections due to different interests.

Where are the cougars and cubs?
Now, CougarD has covered everywhere around the globe, including Britain, America, Canada, Australia and so on. You could find your cougar or cub in your city or even your town, making it very easy to be in a cougar dating relationship. All you need to do is locating your GPS and finding him/her.

How does CougarD work?
Just like other dating app, CougarD works similar to others, which saved the adaptation time and also very easy to get the hang of it. By swiping left or right, you can choose whether to like him/her or pass. Once you “liked” him/her, and him/her “liked” you back, you will be matched, which enables you two to talk to each other freely. If you find you are quite in tune, you could go ahead and ask her/him out. Maybe a cougar dating relationship could be started.
Once you sign in and set your profile, the first thing we suggest you to do is get some exposure. By uploading your best photos or videos on “Moments”, other people could see you and get to know you more. You might get flirted and more opportunities on it. Just keep an active status and a high sense of existence.

What are the membership plans?
CougarD provides plenty of advanced and superior functions and advantages for VIP members. You will be able to contact with any one you want without any restriction. You will get extra rounds in “QuickMatch”, which provide you more opportunity to find your love. You will get a VIP emblem, enabling you to stand out from other people. You will get the priority to experience out new function and so on. CougarD has a very favorable membership price for users: 1Month-$29.99/Month, 3 Months-$28.33/Month, 6 Months-$23.33/Month, offering you an exclusive service.

For people who are interested in cougar dating, just grab your phone and get your journey started now!

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